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Partial Inventory List


23' Tandem Trailer, Lot of Stands and Saw Horses, 15-20 Foot Boat Stand, 36' Tandem Boat Trailer, Tolly Craft, Twin Gasoline Engine, 36' Sloop, Self Steering Vane, Gauges, Lot of Boat Stands, 1980, 36' Gibson Houseboat with 8' Liv, 15' Boat Stand, 34'-36' Classic Rhoades Design Sloop, 14' Sloop and Zieman Trailer CF4015HH, 10' Trailer, 33' Fiberglass Sloop, Unfinished, Lot of Boat Stands, 24' Classic Wooden Boat CF 1033PT, Lot of Boat Stands, 50' Fiberglass Hull, 60+ Aluminum Mast with Stainless Steel, Lot of Boat Stands, Ford F-100, V-8 Engine (1960), JLG Sizzor Lift, Gasoline Powered, 30' Trailer, 32+ Regal, Gasoline Powered Twin Screw, Ford Aerostar Van, XLT, 32' Life Boat, 15' Foot Runabout, Silverline with 75, 24'+ Uniflite, Gasoline Engine on Tand, 24'+ Cris Craft, Gasoline Powered, 14' Fiberglass Runabout with Two Cycle, 24' Marlia with 80 Horsepower, Mercury, 24' Cabin Cruiser on Tandem Trailer ID, 30' 1975 Sloop, 24' Aquasport on Tandem Trailer, 19' Reinell, Speed Boat on Single Axle, Three Pieces Fiberglass Lifeboat Mold, 24' Apollo Motor Home, 24' Formula Cabin Cruiser , Hobie 16' with Mast, on Trailer, 16' Reinell with Yamaha 70 Horsepower, 24' Trailer with "Thunder Duck" Inflat, 10' Utility Trailer, 15' Boat Trailer, Single Axle, 18' Beach Craft on Single Axle Trailer, 36' Trailer, Tri-Axle, 18' 1979 Cordova, 45' Fiberglass, Double Cabin Cruising, 26'+ Bayliner, Cabin Cruiser, 27' Bayliner, Cabin Cruiser, 15' Sloop, Boat Stand, 24' Yellow Speedboat on Single Axle Trailer, 24'+ Fiberglass Cabin Cruiser, 21 Foot Cobia, Gasoline, 1994 Crownline Cruiser, 24' 1978 "Apollo", Cabin Cruiser, 28' Fiber Form, Twin Screw Cabin Cruiser, 15' Silverline, Runabout 140 Horsepower, 16' Corwin, 1986 on Single Axle Calkin, 30' Load Master Trailer, 1986, 27' Cabin Cruiser on a Tri-Axle, 28' Sunbridge Cabin Cruiser, 1992, 15' Runabout on Single Axle Trailer, 12' Bell Boy, on Trailer Frame, 48' Concrete Hull, 1978 Cabin Cruiser, 28', 36' Grand Banks, Cabin Cruiser, 24' Cabin Cruiser, 21' Runabout, 1991, Retnell 20' Runabout on Trailer Frame, 36' Double-Ended Fiberglass Sloop, 1986 Bayliner 27', Contessa, Coronado 15' Sailboat with Single Axle, 15' Runabout, 18' Invader Runabout on Single Axle Trailer, 20' Utility Tandem Axle Trailer, 20' Glasply, 1981 Cabin Cruiser, 36' Cabin Cruiser, Classic Wooden Delta Boat 38', 23' Sun Runner, Cabin Cruiser, 36' Wooden Power Cruiser, 54' Steel Hull, 28' Sail Boat, 33' Racing Sloop, 15' Fiberglass Runabout on Single Axle, 19' Car Trailer, 27' Tandem Boat Trailer, 7' 5" Stainless Steel Bow Pulpit, 8' Truck Shell, Fiberglass, Silver, 12' Laser and Trailer, 18' Single Axle Boat Trailer, 18' Bayliner on Single Axle Trailer CF, 12' Classic Runabout, on Single Axle Trailer, 21' Tandem Trailer, 1987 24' Power Cruiser, Bayliner, 32' Sloop, 39' Sloop, Sailboat Hull, 21' Storage Trailer, Single Axle, 24' Powered Motor Launch on Tandem Trailer, 1980 Well Craft, 24', on Tandem Trailer, 24' Bayliner, 1986, with Volvo Engine, Boat Dolly, 14', 1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero, 15' Wooden Runabout, 15' Wooden Runabout on Single Axle Trailer, 36' Sailboat Hull, 18' Wooden Runabout with a Single Axle, 1962 Falcon, 24' Boat Trailer, Tandem Axle, 5' Stainless Steel Bow Pulpit, 16' Sierra Runabout on Single Axle Trailer, Power Boat Stand, 28' Fiberglass Sloop, 15' Glastron, Runabout, Open Bow, 15' Crest Liner, Runabout, 28' Intra Pacific Fishery Boat, 32' Sport Fisher, 18' Fiberglass Runabout, 18' SRV Runabout on Tandem Trailer, 28' Islander Fiberglass Sloop, 28' Motor Cruiser, 27' Motor Cruiser, Fiberglass Explorer, 21' Fiberglass Power Cruiser, 16' Glastron, 140 Horsepower Outboard, 19' Well Craft on Single Axle, 20' Tahiti on Single Axle Trailer, 42'+ Steel Sailboat, 22' Sport Craft on Tandem Trailer, 18' Fiberglass Runabout, 1986 34' Bayliner, Conquest, 45' Wooden Mast, 57'+ Steel Cabin Cruiser, Boston Whaler, 17' Catamaran on Single, 1984 48' Houseboat, Hilburn, Cal 20, "Diogenes" on Tandem Trailer, 34'+ Wooden Mast, 39'+ Wooden Mast, 45' Wooden Mast, Lot of Masts, 36'+ Wooden Mast, Power Manuel Lift Ladder, Rolling Platform, Rolling Staircase Ladder, Large Lot of Boat Stands.

1.  REGISTRATION: All prospective buyers MUST register in order to bid at the auction. Buyers can also register at

2.  BUYERS RECEIPT: The successful buyer shall sign a Buyers Receipt for each lot purchased. Payment shall be cash, personal check or business check day of the auction. All items sold (boats, equipment, containers, etc.) will be conveyed without title as vessels and equipment have been abandoned at auction location. All buyer acknowledge (VTIP) Vessel Turn-In Program CA Division of Boating & Waterways regulations regarding disposing of vessels and other equipment.

3.  INSPECTION: Previewing and inspection of is essential. The vessels and equipment is being sold “AS IS – WHERE IS”.

4.  SELLER’S & AUCTIONEER’S DISCLAIMER: All announcements made by the Auctioneer shall take precedence over any previously written material or oral statements made by auctioneer. Conduct of the auction, increments of the bidding, duration of the auction and decisions as to the high bidder will be at the sole discretion of the auctioneer. ALL information is subject to the inspection and verification by all parties relying on it. NO GUARANTEE, WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED IS GIVEN ON THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE BROCHURE OR DUE DILIGENCE INFORMATION. The Seller and their agents expressly disclaim any and all liabilities, which may be based on such information, errors therein or omissions. Seller reserves all rights of disposal of the vessels and equipment prior to auction.

5.  BUYER PREMIUM: A ten (10%) fee will be added to the successful high bid in determination of the high bid. ALL AUCTION SALES ARE FINAL.

6.  ABSENTEE BIDS: Individuals unable to attend the auction may complete an Absentee Bid Form, authorizing the auctioneer to bid on their behalf, up to a specific written amount.

7.  BROKER PARTICIPATION: Boat Brokers are encouraged to participate in the Auction process and register their respective clients. Contact the Auctioneer for Registration Forms. NO oral registrations will be accepted!

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